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Ant Jackson Rallying

Saxperience is proud to sponsor the Ant Jackson Rallying Team during 2006, throughout which the team's MkII Saxo VTS will compete in two rally championships. This newly formed relationship opens an exciting doorway for both parties!
Ant Jackson Rallying
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Saxperience Sponsors A Rally Team...

Saxperience is proud to sponsor the Ant Jackson Rallying Team during 2006. The team car for this season is a MkII Saxo VTS.

The newly formed relationship between Saxperience and Ant Jackson Rallying opens an exciting doorway for both parties! There will be many great opportunities for Saxperience members to meet with each other and support Ant's team at various rally stages throughout the UK this year!

If ever an excuse was needed for a Saxperience get together this is the ideal opportunity, offering a mixture of Saxos, motorsport and plenty of community/team spirit! Would you like to support Ant's rally team, whilst cheering Saxperience on at the same time? Read on for more information...


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Introducing Ant Jackson...

Ant was born in 1971 in Mount Isa, Australia. During 1976, Ant and his family moved over to the UK and setup home within the North West of England. During his younger years Ant quickly developed the taste for cars and speed!

What was to be a life-long love affair started in 1979, when Ant's Dad (Sid) took him to see his very first rally - the RAC rally! Spurred on by his dad's enthusiasm for motorsport, it wasn't long before Ant was totally car and bike crazy!

Fully aware of the dangers of driving fast on the road, Ant decided to get involved with marshalling at all manner of motorsport events across the UK. This constant exposure to fast cars and motorsport heightened Ant's personal desires to get involved with motorsport!

Living the Dream...

In July 2003, whilst marshalling at an event, Ant found himself pondering once more... he really wanted to be out on the stage himself... 'but rallying's for the rich and famous... isn't it?' Ant eventually decided he was going to give it a go and prove that it is possible to rally on a budget! He wasted no time in tracking down a suitable car, which came in the form of a Skoda Felicia. With the car sorted, Ant attended a number of rally school classes, before taking and passing his BARS test at Oulton Park in October 2003. (This guy really doesn't hang around!)

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Ant's Rallying Experiences Begin!

In February 2004, Ant took part in his first event - the Kallkwik Rally, which was part of the Kumho Clubman Gravel Championship. After Ant's second rally he was awarded the Andy Poppleton Memorial Trophy for most improved driver on seeding. Ant finished 2nd in his class and 20th overall, which was a fantastic achievement after being seeded 121st! Ant's achievements were further recognised during September 2004, when he was awarded 'Driver of Rally' at the Park Systems Rally in Scotland, where he finished 3rd overall!

At the beginning of October Ant's new car arrived - A Peugeot 205 1.6GTi Challenge car. This car lead Ant Jackson Rallying on to pickup 3rd in class in the Khumo Championship! All in all, a very exciting and very rewarding first season!

It wasn;t long before ANt fancied a bit of under bonnet tinkering... LAD Motorsport fitted a pair of twin 45 Webber's to the Pug' enabling the engine to produce around 160bhp. Ant welcomed the extra power and soon craved for even more! Again, Ant spoke with LAD Motorsport, who offered to build a Saxo VTS for the team, which would offer even more power!

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The Team's Saxo Arrives...

In August 2005, the rally prepared Saxo arrived. Ant was over the moon with the handling and braking potential the new car offered - surely there was nothing that could stop Ant Jackson Rallying from rising to the top of the class now?!

The yellow VTS proved it's worth at the Trawsfynydd and Weeton stages in September 2005, before taking on stage 9 of the John Price Tour of Epynt. This is where things really started to heat up!

On October the 2nd, 2005 Ant's huge run of success hit a stumbling block... after hurtling over a blind crest, a corner was approaching FAST. Ant was quick on the brakes, but wasn't able to control what would happen next... the car slid towards the inside of the bend, hitting a kerb, which made the car barrel roll. The car carried on rolling all of the way around the bend, through a ditch and down the hill on the other side!! Now that's got to hurt!

Ant's pride was a little bruised and his car was totally mangled! He decided that was the end of his rallying experiences... but was it really?

Ofcourse not... When LAD Motorsport heard of Ant's misfortune, they quickly came up with the offer of building the team a new rally car; another Saxo VTS! Whilst Ant lay, recovering from his injuries his Dad found a donor VTS - another MkII, but this time in the very popular Poseidon blue colour!

Only FOUR days after the 'incident', the donor car had been purchased and both old and new cars carted off to LAD Motorsport, where the makeover would start all over again!

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The Team...

Ant is the full time driver of this team, but he couldn't achieve what he does, without the loyal support from the other members of the team! Jackie Card, is Ant's fiance, navigator and the team finance manager. Jason Evans is also a navigator for the team - Jason and Jackie share their navigation duties at varying stages throughout the year.

The team also receives special support from Sid Jackson (Ant's Dad) and Ian Calverley (Moo), who help out in all ways in which they can... mechanics, photographers, fetchers & carriers... and I'm also lead to believe that Moo makes a mean brew too!

The Team Objectives for 2006

With the experience the team has gained from the previous two years rallying and the support offered from the team sponsors for 2006, Ant is confident that the team can achieve top rankings in both of the championships the team is participating in! The objectives for 2006 are therefore to attain two 1st place finishes for the championships overall.

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Sponsorship Opportunities...

The team are always on the look out for new sponsors, offering new opportunities. Please dont think that sponsorship has to involve thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours of committment. Ant Jackson Rallying are grateful for ALL help and support, which you can offer.[/p]

Whether you are able to support the team in person at events this year, or if you are in a position which means you can sponsor the team financially, or if you have links with companies able to offer discounted spares and consumables - this support all adds up!

Please get involved, support the team and help them to achieve their goals for 2006!