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If you're looking for a great set of number plates for your Saxo, cut out all of the hassle and get them direct from Plates2U. Hundreds of designs are available, including some custom sax-p designs...
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Are you in the market for a new set of number plates for your Saxo? Or maybe you'd like a set of custom designed show plates... look no further, Plates2U can cater for ALL of your requirements.

Ritchie Bozzelli established his number plate printing business back in 2003. Since then he has spent a lot of time expanding the number of fonts, logos and backing designs he can supply.

Ritchie offers a superb postal order service and is prepared to spend time communicating with his customers to make sure he captures their exact requirements...

No design is too big a challenge for Plates2U and if Ritchie doesn't have the exact logo or design that you would like, he'll do his best to make sure he can find it, or if needs be he'll have it custom made!

Ritchie's web site continues to be updated regularly with new styles of number plates, so make sure you take a good look at whats available before you buy! Visit Plates2U for more details...

Working closely with Saxperience, Plates2U have produced a number of custom 'sax-p number plates'. The plates can be purchased with 'sax-p ghosting' on the background and/or the 'sax-p logo' on the left hand side. A few examples of how the plates look are shown below... photos of the plates actually fitted to a Saxo will be made available as soon as possible.

Custom 'sax-p show plates'

Custom sax-p number plates, available through Plates2U.

Custom sax-p number plates, available through Plates2U.

These plates are available with ANY text displayed at the bottom and a boarder, etc if you'd like one...

Ritchie is offering discount to all Saxperience members, with EXTRA discount available to Saxperience Premium Members. You should confirm prices before you buy, however the standard price for a pair of sax-p style number plates is £30 for sax-p members and just £27.50 for sax-p Premium Members... delivery to your doorstep is included in this price!

Get personal?

If you regularly attend cruises or car events and you're worried about people seeing your car registration, or maybe you'd like people to be able to recognise you and your car at first glance, why not consider a set of personalised number plates?

This is something, which is really starting to take off and makes it much easier to recognise people at events! Would you consider displaying your forum name on the front of your car? If you think that would be cool, get in touch with Ritchie for a price...

Custom sax-p number plates, available through Plates2U.

Ritchie is able to supply a number of different sizes of number plates, including 'bike-style' designs... check out his website for more details, or email him to discuss requirements. Plates2U

For upto date information from the DVLA regarding number plate regulations, visit their 'information page'.