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This section should give you all the information you need to know about past and future Saxo related events in the UK and where possible, events from abroad too. Events that sax-p has attended will be placed in the featured events section, with a photo gallery and event report appearing where possible.

You can keep track of past, present and future events using the event calendar! If you know of an event, which isn't detailed in the calendar, why not send the info through to sax-p?

If you've attended a show, which isn't featured on sax-p, why not send some photos and a brief event report to sax-p. The report and photos can then be placed in this section, for everybody to share...

Periodically, Saxperience Prize Draws will be held. The prizes and terms of entry will change from draw to draw... Saxperience Prize Draws are an excellent opportunity for you to get your hands on some free goodies!

Featured events

Featured events

Event reports and photo galleries will be shown here.
Event calendar

Event Calendar

As many car related events as possible shall be recorded on the calendar.
Saxperience Prize Draws

Prize Draws

Saxperience Prize Draw details are shown in this section. Are you feeling lucky?