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Saxperience Track Event - French Car Show 2006

Saxperience have booked a three hour open-pit track session at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground, on the 27th May (the day before the French Car Show). If you'd like to get involved with this fantastic opportunity, please check out this article.
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Saxperience first attended the French Car Show in May 2004. This event always exceeds expectations, with more and more NEW attractions being added each year! In May 2005, almost 50 Saxo's supported Saxperience on the show stand at FCS... the aim for 2006 is to increase this number of supporters to atleast 100 Saxo's! The French Car Show main event is being held on Sunday the 28th May 2006

Dedicated Saxperience Tracktime

One huge development for the French Car Show in 2006 is the launch of a whole day's track action, at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground on Saturday the 27th May 2006, on a 2.1mile circuit. This track event has been split into three sessions. (2 x 3 hour sessions and 1 x 1 hour session).

The track sessions have been booked exclusively by dedicated car clubs. I am pleased to announce that Saxperience has booked one of the 3 hour open pit track sessions, which will take place on the morning of the 27th May (9-12).

A three hour session gives all drivers PLENTY of time to have some fun on the track, learn the limits of your car, etc... or simply enjoy the experience of taking your car out on a race track. Remember - This is NOT a race. You can drive as fast or as slow as you would like to, whilst ALWAYS ensuring the safety of yourself and other track users is the top priority. DANGEROUS driving on the track will NOT be tolerated.

This event involves significant booking costs! It is hoped that the Saxperience community will get involved with this event and show the rest of the French car communities that Saxperience is here to stay! Please get involved and support Saxperience!

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Track Session Details...

In order to keep the track session costs low for all members, the session will involve FIFTY cars. A maximum of 25 cars are allowed out on the track at any given moment. Obviously this means that cars can't stay out on track for the FULL 3 hours. This is not a problem however... If you've done a track event in the past you will know that cars tend to go out on track for 15-20 minute sessions, then come back to the pits to let the engines, brakes, clutches, tyres, etc cool down ready for the next run.

Working things this way will ensure everyone gets plenty of tracktime, the wear on your car will be minimised and it will keep track session costs as low as possible!


It was agreed that the Saxperience-only booking period would expire on the 25th February. This date has now passed and so Saxperience non-members are now invited to join Saxperience in this 3 hour open pit track session.

Saxperience Premium Members are 'known' to Saxperience and therefore will have the privelage of 'no hassles' booking.

Registered Saxperience members (ie, non-Premium members) are invited to take part in this event.

** Saxperience non-members are now invited to take part in this track session, please email me to confirm your interest in making a booking. **

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The costs...

The cost of this track event is £75 per car, which is a superb price considering the amount of actual track time which is available! Payment can be made by one single payment of £75, or split into two payments... a deposit of £30, followed by a closing payment of £45.

If you would like to get involved with this event, please visit the Saxperience Online Shop, in order to make an online payment via Paypal, or view details of alternative payment methods. All payments are non-refundable.

The full payment amount (£75) must be received by the 25th March in order to guarantee your session!

Further Details...

In order to participate in this track event, your car MUST be in a roadworthy condition, well maintained and may be subject to scrutineering prior to being permitted onto the circuit. YOU MUST WEAR A CRASH HELMET and be able to produce your FULL UK valid driving licence.


Bruntingthorpe proving ground is NOT open to the public on the day of the track event, however friends and family can gain access to the circuit to watch the track action, by paying an entrance fee at the gateway. It is likely that this entrance fee will cost £7 to £10 per person. Drivers who have paid to take part in the track session will obviously gain entry to the venue free of charge.

Passenger Rides...

Track days are an ideal time to have a bit of fun in your car and its also a great opportunity to let your friends take part in your fun! Passenger rides ARE permitted at this track event and will NOT incur any fees.


All drivers are reminded that it is NOT normal for your vehicle insurers to cover claims arising from taking part in an event such as this track session. Please check your policy details if you are unsure. Track insurance can be purchased seperately if you would like to have peace of mind...

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. Further discussion regarding this event can be seen within the Events Forum.

I look forward to hearing from you and joining you out on the track!

Simo :flag: