View Full Version : New Web server coming very soon after recent launch of V3.0!!!

8th November 2003, 21:54
Hi peeps,

With the launch of the new site and the increase in traffic we have already seen, a new Web server has been ordered and will we will be upgraded onto it very shortly (i.e. in a few minutes hopefully).

We have been advised that this could take an hour or so, so the site may go down shortly while the upgrade is completed!

I'll be back... <img border="0" src= "smileys/smiley4.gif">

8th November 2003, 21:57
<img src= "smileys/clap.gif"> you will need these premium memberships up and running soon<img src= "smileys/silly.gif">

8th November 2003, 22:00
just when ill be going out soon as well!

should be on later, if i dont collapse<img src= "smileys/grin.gif">

9th November 2003, 00:42
woohoo! so whats the differences between this server and the old one???

9th November 2003, 00:44
Good work on the new site Simo! It looks fantabulious!!!!! Will have to get some pics of my car on here soon. Just lowered the front today. Getting the back done on Monday.

Keep up the good work!

9th November 2003, 00:56
Right... THIS is now the new server. It's a bit confusing as the new old server is still active. <img src= "smileys/smiley5.gif">

So until the DNS propogates to all ISP's we may lose a few people.. LMBO! © sax-p

more info on the server shortly.

9th November 2003, 00:58
<img src= "smileys/happy.gif">

9th November 2003, 02:25
LMBO! © sax-p

Still got the two web servers runing side by side... this is really annoying, but nothing I can do. <img src= "smileys/smiley5.gif">

Off out for an hour or two now... catch you later peeps.


9th November 2003, 03:01
how can he go out at a time like this!!?? <img src= "smileys/silly.gif">

9th November 2003, 03:05
Oi get back here LMBO! © sax-p!

9th November 2003, 04:06
there is still 2 stupid servers running still :@

9th November 2003, 04:43
Until the internet sorts itself out, theres nothing that I can do??

I've locked all threads on the old site. Will try and get the old site removed... as I no longer have ftp access to it. <img src= "smileys/ponder.gif">


9th November 2003, 04:49
what´s the secret of car features or other things only avaliable for "permium" members ??

don´t have a fookin clue.

Site is great