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BobC 26th July 2009 15:57
This article provides all manner of information on the technical specifications of the range of gearbox fitted to the Citroen Saxo, including part numbers, gear ratios, oil capacity, etc. Oil capacity After draining : 2 litres. Check levels every 37,000 miles. SAE 75W-80W GL5, see: Castrol Syntrax
BobC 9th October 2009 23:06
1) Clean the gearbox cases and mount and paint them if you desire. Using a flat knife blade and a solvent cleaner, such a brake cleaner, clean all of the gearbox case mating surfaces of old sealant gasket. Differential 2) Remove the speedometer drive pinion for the vehicle speed sensor – it’s the yellow cog.  Remove the cable tie securing...
BobC 9th October 2009 19:34
The gearbox is the heart of the transmission. The engine turns the flywheel and the clutch friction plate is pressed against the flywheel by the pressure plate. The input shaft splines interlock with the clutch splines and the input shaft transfers power to the output shaft when a gear is selected by the synchroniser. The output shaft turns the...
BobC 9th July 2009 21:46
Cooling System Overview The purpose of the cooling system is to draw the heat of the engine away and to either heat the inside of the car via the heater matrix or to cool it. Following a cold start the coolant circulates around the engine block and cylinder head spreading heat around the engine. The thermostat is closed preventing this hot...
BobC 9th October 2009 20:30
In this section of the guide the key internal parts of the gearbox are identified. Input Shaft with clutch pedal not depressed Input Shaft with clutch pedal depressed If fitted to the engine the release bearing would be pressing against the clutch pressure plate tangs. The pressure plate tangs provide the spring pressure to return the...
BobC 3rd July 2009 11:57
Overview The idle regulation stepper motor is mounted on the end of the inlet manifold or on the throttle housing; it is controlled electrically by the ECU. This stepper motor controls an air flow taken in parallel to the throttle with the aim of: • providing an additional air flow (cold starting), • regulating an idle speed as a function of...
Simo 13th December 2009 23:29
IM Axle Specialists are a new company specialising in Peugeot and Citroen rear axles, as a father and son business with 35 years mechanical engineering experience, they offer a full re-conditioning service to trade and public and also sell new and reconditioned parts. Based in the Vale of Belvoir near Melton Mowbray they offer a delivery and...
BobC 9th October 2009 21:28
Citroen gearbox reconditioning kit  Gearbox reconditioning kit (Citroen 2299 45 “Repair Kit”) £239.78 (inc VAT 15%); this includes all seals, cotter/dowel/roll pins and bearings. The biggest costs here are the bearings, so I decided to shop elsewhere for these as Citroen would use a specialist bearing manufacturer. I only bought the small...
Simo 17th May 2009 22:00
This is a very easy modification to do, which can make a nice improvement to the look of your Saxo, especially if your brake calipers are rusty looking or filthy. You should be able to complete this job in around 2 hours if you get organised! Getting Started... STEP # 1 There are many specialised caliper paints, which you can for use...
BobC 4th July 2009 00:01
Overview The catalytic converter is designed to reduce, by catalysis, unburned pollutant gases at the exhaust: • CO: carbon monoxide • HC: hydrocarbons • NOx: nitrogen oxide Catalysis is a phenomenon which, by using a catalyst, encourages chemical reactions without the catalyst itself being involved in the chemical reaction. As it deals...
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