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BobC 30th June 2009 20:34
This sensor is mounted on the exhaust manifold, at the inlet to the catalytic converter and permanently supplies a voltage to the ECU representing the oxygen content of the exhaust gases. It has a green 4 way connector. Two of these four connector pins supply current to the sensor's internal heater. The other two provide a voltage from the sensor...
BobC 29th June 2009 23:00
Overview The Bosch ME7.4.4 and M7.4.4 ignition-injection ECUs have been developed to control the following functions: • engine torque, • sequential multipoint injection, • twin static ignition, • cruise control (optional), • L4 (EOBD)*/K'/ifL5 depollution standards, • engine cooling, • dialogue with the other ECUs on the CAN...
BobC 29th June 2009 22:09
The ECU is responsible for controlling the "coolant temperature warning" LED when the temperature reaches a critical level (risk of damaging the engine). To perform this function, a coolant temperature thermocontact switch is used. This is mounted directly into the engine block as it can be more reactive in the event of loss of coolant. The...
BobC 28th June 2009 22:32
The coolant temperature sensor has two functions: • it informs the ECU of the coolant temperature in the cooling circuit and therefore the temperature of the engine, • it transmits the coolant temperature information to the temperature gauge on the control panel for non multiplexed vehicles. The ECU uses the coolant temperature...
BobC 25th June 2009 22:21
Electronic immobiliser ignition key The Saxo electronic immobiliser device locks the engine management system as soon as the key is removed from the ignition, making the car immobilised. For all Saxo models, which do not use a keypad immobiliser (only early Mk1 Saxos have keypad) the ignition key contains an electronic component which ensures...
BobC 29th May 2009 23:57
You can find your VIN number on your Registration Document (V5) or etched into the back of the engine bay on the bulkhead near the wiper motor cover or on a metal plate riveted in the boot. Example: VF7S0HDZG00000001 Region V= Europe Country of manufacture F = France
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