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Simo 17th May 2009 19:33
The Dimma bodykit is very good quality and is made out of flexible plastic. The downside to the Dimma kit thought is that it fits over your standard bumpers. The rear Dimma skin fits over the original bumper very well, however you need to cut away a large section of the standard bumper in order to fit it, so I hope you're feeling brave. ...
Simo 17th May 2009 03:08
Citroen really made a BIG mistake when it came to the standard security of Saxos. Your Saxo can be broken into without causing any damage, without creating any noise and in less than 10 seconds!! Please take note of this warning and read the report below. Removing your door-pins could save you a lot of hassle and money! This is a very easy mod'...
Simo 17th May 2009 00:00
This guide will show you how to mirror polish the engine head covers from the Saxo VTS engine. This is quite a simple job, as the rocker covers are made from aluminium, which is a relatively soft metal. VTR head covers should not be polished in this way, as they are NOT aluminium and will not retain a shine (they will rust unless painted). The...
Simo 17th May 2009 00:00
The alternator is a very important component of the engine. It's function is to charge the battery whilst the engine is running, meaning that any energy consumed by having the headlights turned on, heater blower running, etc will be put back into the battery whilst you drive. Like many other components on your Saxo, at some point or other the...
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