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BobC 3rd July 2009 09:51
Overview The downstream oxygen sensor is used to comply with the EOBD regulations (European On Board Diagnosis) which applied to Saxos from 2001 onwards. It is located after the catalytic converter and it is used to check the efficiency of the catalytic converter. The specifications and heating device of the downstream oxygen sensor are the...
BobC 3rd July 2009 20:57
The main supply to the system is by means of a double relay, which provides 3 operating states: ē ignition off: − the power to some system components such as: . the injectors, . the ignition coil, . the fuel pump, . the canister bleed electrovalve, . the oxygen sensor heating resistors, . the air pump relay (specific to ifL5 depollution),...
BobC 3rd July 2009 22:54
This sensor is of Hall effect type and is located on the gearbox output. It is supplied with +12 V. .. This sensor transmits information which, along with the engine speed, is used to determine the gear engaged. This information is used to: ē improve driving pleasure (engine hesitation),
BobC 3rd July 2009 23:38
The carbon canister contains an active carbon filter. It is located between the fuel tank and the canister bleed electrovalve and is located in the Saxo driver's side wing (RHD). The fuel vapours in the fuel tank are absorbed by the active carbon. This aim of this function is to prevent: ē the pressure rising in the fuel tank, ē vapours...
BobC 3rd July 2009 15:42
Overview The piezo-electric type knock sensor / pinking sensor is mounted on the rear of the engine block. This sensor is used to detect knock (vibrations caused by the mixture detonating in the combustion chamber), often caused by pre-ignition. This phenomenon, if repeated, can destroy mechanical parts due to an abnormal rise in temperature...
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