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BobC 9th October 2009 23:06
1) Clean the gearbox cases and mount and paint them if you desire. Using a flat knife blade and a solvent cleaner, such a brake cleaner, clean all of the gearbox case mating surfaces of old sealant gasket. Differential 2) Remove the speedometer drive pinion for the vehicle speed sensor – it’s the yellow cog.  Remove the cable tie securing...
BobC 9th October 2009 22:08
Drain the gearbox of transmission fluid. Watch for any metal chunks that may be washed out of the gearbox. See the first 10 steps of Simo’s “Draining/Filling the Saxo Gearbox Oil” Remove the gearbox. Be organised: a. Take digital pictures to remind you how parts looked before disassembly b. Make written notes as you go c. Put loose parts...
BobC 9th October 2009 21:28
Citroen gearbox reconditioning kit  Gearbox reconditioning kit (Citroen 2299 45 “Repair Kit”) £239.78 (inc VAT 15%); this includes all seals, cotter/dowel/roll pins and bearings. The biggest costs here are the bearings, so I decided to shop elsewhere for these as Citroen would use a specialist bearing manufacturer. I only bought the small...
BobC 9th October 2009 20:30
In this section of the guide the key internal parts of the gearbox are identified. Input Shaft with clutch pedal not depressed Input Shaft with clutch pedal depressed If fitted to the engine the release bearing would be pressing against the clutch pressure plate tangs. The pressure plate tangs provide the spring pressure to return the...
BobC 9th October 2009 20:19
The gearbox pictured below is a 20CD22 from a Mk1 Saxo VTR with serial number: 0608389 Saxo 20CD22 gearbox ratios Input Shaft Output Shaft Ratios 1st = 12 teeth 41 teeth 3.42 2nd = 20 teeth 39 teeth 1.95 3rd = 28 teeth 38 teeth 1.52
BobC 9th October 2009 19:34
The gearbox is the heart of the transmission. The engine turns the flywheel and the clutch friction plate is pressed against the flywheel by the pressure plate. The input shaft splines interlock with the clutch splines and the input shaft transfers power to the output shaft when a gear is selected by the synchroniser. The output shaft turns the...
BobC 9th October 2009 19:27
A series of articles on how to recondition a Citroen Saxo MA gearbox. Through this series of guides I walk you through how I managed to recondition a 20CD22 gearbox with pictures for almost every step of the process and with instructional videos. The guides cover all of the steps needed to fully recondition a gearbox including and overview and...
Simo 4th October 2009 22:24
Worn or damaged driveshafts can be very annoying. If you are hearing grinding noises when moving slowly in traffic or whilst turning corners it is likely that one or both of your driveshafts is worn or damaged. If one of the rubber CV gaitors has split and you have lost grease from the CV joint, this will cause the joint to wear out more quickly....
Simo 24th August 2009 17:16
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Simo 20th August 2009 19:03
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