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MrRem | Controlling something New.

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Posted 24th September 2008 at 08:40 by djrem

[center][SIZE="5"]MrRem | Controlling something New.[/SIZE]

The whole limit the drinking to a minimum is working well. Ive been waking up at 7-8 in the morning with a clear head and mind.
Its feeling really good and my sleep is almost becoming like a time clock.

Now that i actually have the daytime to do things now, ive got my flat set up with all my audio equipment rigged up properly.

This also means a new laptop dedicated just for music production.

Ive installed Fruity Loops. Opened it up and had a look.
Im blown away to be completely honest.

Its going to be a slow process but hopefully it will be like beatmatching and just click into place.

So far im searching through this place:

On other news, Ive heard from Tasha, Ash and Co.
Last night they were in the company of Tiesto at Priviledge.
Tonight they are on a Garlands closing party cruise.

All right for some!
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