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Another couple of problems haha :p

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Posted 14th September 2009 at 12:31 by _ELECTABUZZ_

okay, i figured instead of waiting for money to come to me, after working really hard at work and saving lots at the same time, i wanted to take off my alloys (only being standard vtr ones) but still its what i have and its what im going to be working with. i don't need nothing special to make my car stand out (as im not an attention seeker, like most of the chavvy boys you see round town with a big bac box on a 1.1 corsa B and oversized rubbish looking alloys)

i did everything right.. jacked up at the correct points under the car etc got my rench with the correct sized nut etc and statred to undo the bolts. there was a loud crack and i punched the floor thinking what the f*uk was that, i slid off the wrench to find i've snapped the bolt inside. SUPER, so i put that one aside. i tried the one next to it and the exact same happened again.. now im thinking im screwed. the bolts were still in the hub. not good.

i phoned a mate of mine.. dan who fixed my cross member and radiator etc and asked him to come round. he managed to get the remaing bolts out with a big cup of tea haha, and stood and looked at the snapped bolts inside. "so what did you do this time?" "nothing i just tried to open up the bolts to get my wheel off." he shakes his head with a smile and unscrews the snapped bolts, "your lucky mate".

he loosened the rest of the bolts on the remaining alloys and shook his head when he'd finished.."what now?" "where the hell did you get these tightened?" "erm the garage that gave me my new tyre?" "they shouldn't be that tight" "also your driveshaft's fitted wrong.." "Pardon?" "Yeah your lucky your wheel hasn't come off!" he showed me and the nut was litterally only on. apparantly they are driveshafts from another saxo maybe a 1.1 not for a vtr. so again im going to have to fork out for a new set of them.. mardy now.

i sanded down my alloy i originally wanted off and its come out nice, im experimenting with different colours atm mind, i like the look of hurricane grey at the mo, so im gonna try that for now
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