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The New Year Weekend/ My 21st Birthday ♥

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Posted 2nd January 2011 at 17:41 by nicolala

The New year was approaching and I reminded my partner when we was in Sainsbury's that my Birthday was on the 2nd & if he hadn't got me anything.. He best get his skates on as shops wouldn't be open on New years day..

So he started to worry a bit;
and well the next thing I knew he announced we were going shopping to Bluewater Shopping Centre!

So we strolled around the shops alot, and eventually I decided I would like some charms for my new Links of London bracelet I got for Xmas..
(If you're unsure what that is... Check my last blog entry!)


So after all our hard work shopping we decided to go to Nandos;


and have a little treat on me :)..


Mmmm a sharing platter of chicken & large fries of course. ;)


So after this we decided we'd been walking around for far to long, and considering i'm not exactly very well at the moment we'd start to head home..
& on the way out in the car I saw this beautiful Reindeer & literally fell in loveee;


Isn't it gorgeous? ♥


Well New years came; and went pretty quick! Considering we didn't really do anything as I had rinsed my partner of all his money..

& pretty much my own wallet too..? lol fail.

But anyway we had a chinese with my old man, and then went home!

So New years day, I thought I'd spruce things up.. & considering it was my birthday in a few hours I dolled' myself up and went on the town for a few drinkies with no other than Sarah Town (The Bestest).. I'd loose the blonde..

Isn't she beautiful? ♥

& then there was me.. no longer a blonde !!


Cosmic blue anyone? Lovee it! :P

So the day of my birthday;
and here's what I got..

A Chihuahua charm..

& a Terrier charm..

to represent my [B]beautifu[/B]l doggies; from my partner..

& a 21 charm from my daddy.. ♥;


& that is all.. for now;

Happy new year to you all! & I hope you've had a gooden' so far..

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