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Black betty

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Posted 8th May 2014 at 22:17 by Robinarthur23

alright, so i got my first saxo for £350 ! it isnt too tidy but what can you expect for £350.. so here it is black betty-

sadly its previous owner hadnt heard of a hoover !




so i first started off buy stripping the interior, and gave everything a good power washing! its surprising what some carpet cleaner and water
can do! sadly i forgot to take photos haha! but

so heres it stripped out..


roof lining was going to be my next job with all the trims so i brought some auto glym fabric dye from the local garage! lucky mates rates gave me 30 percent off! haha

this is after two coats! this stuff sure doesnt cover..

so after going through three cans i decided to put a coat of satin black aerosol which actually covered really well and gave it a really good finish! it even hides the mould stains!;)



the finished outcome!

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