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more mods

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Posted 28th May 2008 at 20:44 by Andy72
Updated 28th May 2008 at 20:49 by Andy72

typed with my iPod and one finger so forgive the typos LOL

After a hopless last round at teeside I've gone a bit mad with mods I couldn't afford.

Gone are the rallye steels as I sure the gyres were the cause of my loss of pace. I've gone back to VTR alloys and found a set of 5 from a club member mate with khumo gyres for a good price. The khumos are quite hard compound but I have seen others using them so we will see how they fair. The feel ok on the road though.

Next up was a new suspension kit. I pondered this for ages but in the idecided I may as well fit the best if I'm going to keep this car for a while. I plumper for gpN bilstien set up all round with gmc springs. Manic motors fitted the kit today and also sold me a 24mm rear arb they had lying around. The result is suprisingly ok over bumps but stiff enough to lift a rear wheel on roundabouts. They also raised the rear so I have a bit of nose drop at the front as recommended by gmc. Sobasically its on -40 gmc springs and lowered 25mm at the rear which lifts the back 15mm higher than the front measured at thee jack points. Have to test it in anger yet but so far the Fooker stays flat in fast corners and amassive increase in grip.
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