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I intend to use my blog to keep you informed of things happening with my car(s) and anything in life I find interesting, unusual or worthy of sharing! Please check back regularly to see what's been happening in the world of Simo

190bhp at the wheels!

Posted 31st January 2010 at 21:20 by Simo (Simo' Says...)

November 2004... 190bhp at the wheels!

Whilst my car was at GMC Motorsport with the gearbox in pieces, it became evident that the AP Racing clutch cover, which I had fitted a couple of years before was on it's last legs! The end tips of the pressure plates had worn to less than 1mm in thickness. It made sense to fit a new clutch whilst the gearbox was off the car, rather than take the gearbox off the car again in a few months time.

The choice of clutches, which could cope with the power the engine was producing was not too extensive. The simplest options were the...
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Custom Turbo Manifold & Downpipe

Posted 16th May 2009 at 15:40 by Simo (Simo' Says...)

September 2002... Time for a Custom Manifold.

After quite a few trips to RC Developments and numerous phone calls, I am now fed up of waiting for them to resolve the downpipe problem. They seem to think they can't re-design the downpipe to be further away from the altrnator!? Working in the chemical industry, I know nothing is impossible

I've asked an engineering friend of mine (Jimmy Hall) to fabricate a stainless steel downpipe, to direct the heat further away from the alternator. Whilst we are at it, I've asked him to make me a new turbo manifold too. I...
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