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Here's the progress blog for our Citroen Saxo VTR. It's owned by my girlfriend Nic, so all mods etc are okayed by her and fitted (and mostly payed for) by me. feel free to leave any comments or ask any questions. Hopefully it'll be informative and interesting.

Cheers, Alan.
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Bit of an update... not too much though

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Posted 14th October 2010 at 17:26 by Alanapone

Right well....

First off, I got the cleaning kit i was after and managed to seal the garage floor and roof so with the regional meet coming up I thought i'd give it all a go. I snow foamed the car first, then washed it with this 2 bucket method i'd read about. The Chemical guys Maxi Suds II plus the Meguires wash mit made nice light work of the washing, the mit just glides over the car and the snow foaming managed to get all the bedded in crap off.

I was well impressed with the results of just washing the car with this method and some decent kit!

The car went into the garage after being dried off and i left it for a day or two to dry off properly (the beauty of not needing the car every day!) Then i taped up all the rubber and black bits ready for the polishing!

Two hours and 2 rolls of masking tape later ad it was ready for attacking with the polish! I ended up getting some Auto Glym SRP polish. I'd been told it would do a good job of reducing the look of some of the fine scratches and swirls. I gave the car a good going over but i think the results that i'd hoped for weren't really achieved by hand. I think i'll get the Menzerna tester kit and borrow a machine to see if that will correct the paintwork better then use the SRP as a "filler" to get rid of any bits that are left over. That being said, the polish went on well and did make it look a lot better than it was.

After that i went all around the car with some Dodo Juice Lime Prime Lite. whilst i was doing this i got the feeling that this was a waste of time as it didn't seem to really do anything. I'm assured though it clear's all the residue left from the polish so i persevered! I then followed that up with the Chemical Guys, Wet Mirror Finish. This again seemed to be a waste of time as it didn't really seem to add the mass of shine i'd been led to believe it would.

All the doubt of the previous products was soon to be put right though when i started to wax the car with the Purple Haze wax from Dodo Juice! the car's paint just came to life! it looked amazing! I couldn't get to each body panel fast enough to get the whole car looking like it had just come from the paint shop. The wet look stuff just seemed to make the car look like it had been soaked but the sheets of water had clung to the car!

After i'd done all that, i took the tape off and went around the car with some Meguires tyre shine gel and got all the bump strips wing mirrors and anything else that was black shined up. The car did look really good but not THAT much better than with just a wash.

Then I remembered that i was doing all this in the garage under my halogen lamps! the following morning (day of the North West meet) i went and backed the car out of the garage to bask in the sunshine for a while before we set off... as i reversed out, i knew i'd done a good job as the reflection of the sun off the bonnet nearly blinded me! when i got out to admire my work... well... all i can say is, It was worth every minute and every pound spent to see what I had achieved in a relatively short space of time!

Whilst at the meet i asked Sams_VTR to take a few snaps for me with his fancy camera as the ones I do are usually pretty crap.

I'll add a few pics of during the wash/clean and the Pics that Sam took.

Hope you all like and I hope i inspire a few more to go and give your cars a bit of something special. I didn't spend masses of money or spend weeks polishing to achieve these results, just a bit of elbow grease, cups of tea and Raging speedhorn and Sick Of It All on my laptop to keep me going!

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  1. Old Comment
    rorz_vts's Avatar
    erm dunno what the first comment's about mate but where did you get that grill from as im going to get morettes i think and want to de-badge the grill and i cant find them anywhere
    Posted 11th November 2010 at 16:39 by rorz_vts rorz_vts is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Alanapone's Avatar
    I've reported it and removed it mate. Err, it's just a standard grill with the chevrons and slats took out. I resprayed my slats and used the grille shown as it was in better condition than my old one.
    Posted 28th November 2010 at 21:52 by Alanapone Alanapone is offline
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