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boldly going

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Posted 1st August 2010 at 03:05 by leeroy1

:panic:i've had my saxo vtr since last october. At the time i bought it because it looked nice and it moved fast.
slowly over time i got bored with it and it become more and more neglected. It was only when i was faced with losing it that i realised how attatched i had become to it.
so i have decided to show my car my appreciation as it deserves. in taking care of my machine i will also be exploring a new crafty side of myself. hopfully with the help of you kind people i will have a car left at the end of it.
so first on the job list is starting a little easy and progressing with the experience and tools:[LIST=1][*]remove door pins[*]change gearbox oil[*]brake pads[*]oil filter change[/LIST]will need help with the last one but the rest is on here and i'll give it a go. but if you can leave me any tips i'd be geratful. will keep you posted :boxing:
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