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September 16th and the GTi

Posted 17th September 2012 at 17:48 by NismoSteve

Well, I miss my little vts so much, I've gotten myself a 106 GTi to play with while the vt gets finished.
I was looking for another shell when it caught my eye over on 106owners, the lad had tried to sell it with no joy so took off his mods and with nothing to put back on it just sat there in his garden.

Few emails, and pics later I was relieving my vts of both front struts / brakes
Rear dampers
And drivers seat.

Armed with some tools, brake fluid, gear oil and engine oil.
150 miles later I'm banging the bits on and...
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Posted 11th September 2012 at 12:48 by stevie_m
Updated 4th November 2012 at 06:22 by stevie_m

I've been stuck out in Canada now for the best part of 7 months now and now have rough idea on what I want to do with this car.

First off the wheels are gettin changed from the C2 VTS to either Porsche Teledials or D90's. Everytime I look at Schmidt TH Lines or BBS RS I think about why not go for them but I feel those have been over done but they do look fantastic.

I really need to sort out the interior and a very good / imaculate set of 106 leathers, I understand that they are hard to find, I have a price in mind what I want to spend on them and refuse to pay over...
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Posted 30th August 2012 at 01:05 by Ross

More to come tomorrow!
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August 25th did some work on the S

Posted 28th August 2012 at 06:42 by NismoSteve

Well its been a bit since I anything last happened, the car has been stuck on the front waiting for the garage to get built.
Its still waiting tohave the concrete poured for the base do it will be longer yet

So this weekend I decided I was gonna get the brake pipes all sorted and free off the seized brake compensator.

Didn't get as far as that as I thought I'll just whip the exhaust and rear silencer heat shield off, then a bit of wire wheel and drill action. Which led to the removal of the rear wheel arch liner (small one at the back) where upon I found...
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It's all over. Last post for this blog

Posted 4th August 2012 at 19:19 by Alanapone (Alanapone's VTR Progress Blog, feel free to comment)

Well, after a long time coming the car is all gone.

I tried to sell as many parts as possible before scraping what was left. Today, my mate came over with his big van, we attacked the shell with an angle grinder to get it in, then we loaded it all up and took it off to the scrap yard down the road where I got a nice cool £20 for it!!!

Would have made more from selling it as a spares or repairs to the car breakers I bet! lol.

Ahh well, all done now. Just got to send off the V5 to the DVLA then S32 CTN will be no more.

Heres a...
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S off the road for a bit now.

Posted 27th June 2012 at 10:43 by NismoSteve

Well, got back with the Mrs. The S is off the road for a bit now as I'm running another daily.

While its off the road I've. So far binned off all the ABS and replaced the ABS master cylinder with a 23mm 406 non ABS jobbie.
My braided hoses have arrived along with my monster front discs and pads 283 x 26mm
My 406 calipers are no good as the carrier won't fit
So I'm just waiting on some 307 xsi calipers and carriers arriving.
Total cost of the front brake set up is likely to be around the £130 all in so I'm still happy

Now as I'm...
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bad news or good news.

Posted 28th May 2012 at 11:06 by NismoSteve

I had an interesting weekend. Got home from work Friday night, Mrs was asleep in bed. Got up sat morning, had a row with Mrs and left. Got as much stuff in the car as possible (mostly car stuff and tools then a few clothes)
Now I'm staying at parents back in Grimsby.

Not gonna go into details about the breakup but basically we are just too different people wanting different things out of life.

So now I'm looking for a lockup in Grimsby do I ca get stuck into getting the vts done.
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work work work!

Posted 24th May 2012 at 14:54 by NismoSteve

Looks like I'll be out all this week, living in a lorry is not much fun. Especially when its 27 degrees!!

Man if I was single I'd be so loaded and the vts would be one boosted little mofo!
But as it stands I've got a a full house to buy carpets for, decorate and all that shizzle.

Now she wants a shit zoo, (sounds like that anyway) some kind of small mut that she cart around like some kind of wag.

Still, its swings and roundabouts aint it, she gets a dog, and when I've paid out on the house I get to crack on with collecting boost parts while...
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sat 12th May, did a little work for MOT

Posted 13th May 2012 at 00:00 by NismoSteve

Pulled the horrid coilovers off today, and fitted the original struts. That's after I had stripped them and welded the pring pans on and new top mounts and bearings.
For now I've (carefully) welded the balljoint into the polybushed wishbone and fitted that.
And while it was all off I've replaced the leaking diff seal, so that's the gearbox leak sorted now too.

I'm now planning to pick up another set of struts to grit blast and fit B8s and faulkners to.

That's all I had time to do after work today and before I had to take our lass shopping.
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May 10th, taking ages.

Posted 10th May 2012 at 11:12 by NismoSteve

We got moved into the new house in Askern, Doncaster, got loads to do lots of decorating and new carpets to pay for, its looking like another six weeks before I can carry on with the project, in the meanwhile its just a case of spending the odd 100 quid here and there.

I really want the new engine in, along with a BE conversion, but I also want it painting.
There's the smal matter of having no garage either that's not helping.
I've a new drive to lay at the front of the housean plus I need to lay a concrete base for the garage (which will be one of those ally...
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