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Team GB's Gold Medal Haul

Posted 19th August 2008 at 21:59 by MikeCracknell

So we are third in the world at the moment in the medal tables. Wonderful! Congrats Team GB, but make the most of it! Success in Beijing, lets hope we can do the same in 2012!

That is if we dare show our faces, as the whole thing will be an embarrasment after Beijing!
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Posted 18th August 2008 at 18:05 by Simo (Simo' Says...)

Well, it's that time of year again - holiday time!!

I work pretty damn hard both at work and also at home keeping sax-p running smooth, so I really like being able to get away and chill out and do whatever I like on holiday

Myself and Suie have flown back to Fuerteventura. We like it here. My parents have a holiday bungalow out here and its the perfect atmosphere for chillin' out!! I'm sat here in exactly the same spot I was back in March when the Saxperience Blog system was implemented. Maybe there will be some new sax-p toys appearing on this holiday... time...
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The Embarrassment that will be London 2012

Posted 14th August 2008 at 20:02 by MikeCracknell
Updated 14th August 2008 at 20:07 by MikeCracknell

After the nothing short of amazing, spectacular, awesome (and a whole other collection of similar adjectives) opening and running of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, I can only come to the conclusion that London 2012 will be a national embarrasment, showing how destroyed and buggered up this country really is.

This will be utterly out of reach for our poor country:

Biggest waste of £40 billion ever.

I'm glad that the people of Sax-p have come up with some awesome ideas to help the Olympic comittee...
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Saxo WestCoast Fixer Upper (My First Blog)

Posted 11th August 2008 at 18:27 by bruza88
Updated 12th August 2008 at 22:26 by bruza88


This is my first blog, ive been into saxo and 106 since i was 17 when i got my first 106 (a shitter really, 4 door 1.1 slow as shit) then i got a 3 door 106 1.1, and also then i got a saxo westcoast, then i fancy myself a 106 quicksilver (i brought the quicksilver as my first fixer upper). I fixed it then had a lil accident.

I decided i missed my westcoast so have now purchased a saxo westcoast with some front end damage.

so heres when i got the car

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the saxo ups and downs

Posted 11th August 2008 at 09:21 by Mr_suv
Updated 11th August 2008 at 09:32 by Mr_suv

got here and she was like this:

fist off i decided to get her lowered and loose the chavvy fuel cap, painted wheels white

added group N gear:

uprated shocks and put a straight through...
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Midlands to Dorset to Cornwall and back.

Posted 28th July 2008 at 00:03 by shooorn94 (ShoooRn94's Blog.)
Updated 8th March 2009 at 18:08 by shooorn94

My holiday this year was to be our first proper roadtrip. I've been going camping in Dorset to the same spot for around 7-8 years now and love it, only since last year have I been with my mates, a much smaller group last year but this year there was 8 of us which soon fell to 7 after the first week.

Sadly the group was originally planned for 12 and four cars but those that came had an awesome time and I finally made a video of our travels.


(if the video doesn't work tell me)

Be warned there are several pictures of people you will...
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New Pics Of The Twingo

Posted 18th July 2008 at 10:07 by betty02 (Betty's Blog)

Took these yesterday they were done on my phone (iPhone) so are not the best quality!!

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Toast in the post?

Posted 10th July 2008 at 18:35 by barrett
Updated 10th July 2008 at 18:38 by barrett

Well, moved into a new flat on the 27th June.

I passed the address onto a friend of mine who needed to post something back to me. Moved in to find this on the door mat!

Think he may have borrowed the idea from, or

Want to send something random in the post? PM me and I will give you my address, post is good esp when its random!


P.S. Yes...
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Holidaying in the UK and the cost

Posted 29th June 2008 at 16:32 by MikeCracknell

So the government likes us to use public transport to get to places, they love to encourage us out of our cars and onto the more environmentally friendly public transport system...

A group of use are going to Scotland this summer for a camping holiday - we are going to Fort William on the West Coast of Scotland, and we are going by car, but I thought i'd investigate other forms of transport and how much it would cost to get to Scotland and the length of time etc, and the results are very indicative of why people won't get out of their cars!

For arguements sake and...
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My Saxo mk2 vts.

Posted 28th June 2008 at 19:16 by OLLYVTS
Updated 28th June 2008 at 19:21 by OLLYVTS

I own a mk2 w-reg black vts.

Mods so far,

Lowered 40mm all round
Cream leather bucket seats.
Sparco harness
Omp 6 point roll cage
Sparco gear nob,hand brake handle and pedals
Oz titans
Quad headlights and rears
smoked fogs
Single wiper
Polished rocker covers
Polished strut brace
Heat wrapped Raceland manifold
Magnex de-cat pipe
Magnex exhaust system.

I also own a 306Gti-6 its p-reg 1997 and is blaze yellow.Its standard.
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