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Help !!!

Posted 26th January 2012 at 01:00 by foggy92

Is it easy to change my dials from mk1 to mk2 dials I dont know what i need to do or change on it can someone plz reply on ere I really need some help
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25th Jan, work related

Posted 25th January 2012 at 20:30 by NismoSteve

On Monday had to do a "Safe and fuel efficient driving" course for work. Now the fun of driving lorries is being taken away from me too

The company spends £8m a year on fuel for our site and they have decided that if each driver can save 5 percent on fuel a year they'd save £400,000 a year.

I was actually surprised at how much fuel I waste. I was averaging 5.5mpg on a set route, and after the training I was getting 8.9mpg. On a truck 9mpg is really good considering the 40 tonne fully loaded weight. The trick is to drive sloooooow
Keep the revs...
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22nd Jan, wish I had more money.

Posted 23rd January 2012 at 09:49 by NismoSteve

Times are hard, its so annoying. I have loads to do on the vts just to get it running right

The idling is steadily getting worse which I suspect is down to a combination of coolant temp sensor, icv, plugs and crap oil. Its way overdue a good service.

The supersprint decat / middle section has highlighted the fact that thr rear box is goosed and has loose baffles.

I'm driving very steady with it at the moment to save the engine from too much stress.
The next bit of cash to be spent will be on oil, filter and plugs I think ASAP! And that's...
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21st Jan, mirror back on.

Posted 22nd January 2012 at 11:14 by NismoSteve

Went down to Stew (sexy_gt) to pick up a replacement door mirror. He lives about two mins away from me and I found him out in the cold lounging under a xsara.
Had a quick look round his "Aladdins cave" of saxo bits and spied a replacement tailgate I'll be going back for

Got back with the mirror which is going to need repainting, but I just needed it on for now, had to put it in the oven to get the original black plastic cap off. Then clipped the silver cap on and got it on the car, it will do for now.
Its far too cold in the garage to do much, but I've...
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19th Jan.

Posted 20th January 2012 at 19:03 by NismoSteve

The Mrs used the car today and came back saying she had broken it!

The bad news was she had snapped a handbrake cable (she's as hard as Sarah Conner)
But the good news is the rear brakes aren't hanging on anymore, so it must have been the cable that was seizing and not the calliper.

I still have some handbrake on the o/s so looks like I'll just need to sort new cable(s) out.

Also today (20th) the drivers side door mirror gave up completely, flopping around like a dead rabbit. It had been bodged up badly and needed replacing anyway. I can get...
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16 January, Supersprint centre fitted.

Posted 17th January 2012 at 08:55 by NismoSteve

The standard system had cracked between the cat and first silencer, as I had the supersprint middle section it seemed pointless repairing the standard system.

The spring bolts from the downpipe had not been off in a loooong time and consequently one of them sheared, luckily I had a selection of these bolts kicking around.

The supersprint system looked well made although I though it should be a larger bore (same as standard) but I'm used to working with turbo cars that have larger exhausts anyway.

The new system didn't come with inserts for the spring...
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Still not much...

Posted 16th January 2012 at 12:17 by Alanapone (Alanapone's VTR Progress Blog, feel free to comment)

Not done a lot to the VTR to be honest other than put a standard exhaust and a K&N filter on it.

As you probably know I got a VTS for using as a track car.

Now, I thought it would be a little more fun and a bit quicker than the VTR but MY GOD!!! What a difference!

I had such a laugh in it at Anglesey but I'll save that for another post.

So As she stands at the minute. The VTR has a K&N filter and the apex suspension as the only remaining mods, other than the VTS interior! She still runs okay but could do with a good blast...
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North West
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Overview of plans.

Posted 16th January 2012 at 11:36 by NismoSteve
Updated 9th February 2012 at 07:55 by NismoSteve (Updated.)

I wanted a 106gti initially, but this came up at the right time. The long term plan is to restore the vts to a high standard, looking stock (sleeper) with standard S alloys.

This will probably take me the next twelve months to achieve as I only really have weekends to get anything done.

The first thing I've done is put the supersprint exhaust on, as the standard centre section was a bit ropey and bodged up.
*Removed supersprint, too noisy. Repaired and refitted standard system*

*Added content*
Next job is a major service, engine oil...
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The new blog

Posted 16th January 2012 at 11:01 by NismoSteve

This is not so much a blog, but more of a record of progress made to the vts, a more in depth version if you will.
I'm not making it for all to read as such, but so I know where I'm up to on the project.

W197 BNW citroen saxo vts
110320 miles, quartz silver (EYCC)

I've owned this car since boxing day 2011, but as it was sorned I waited until the first week of Jan before taxing it. Its a local car that was advertised on here for £600 it had 5 months mot left and came with some goodies.
A BMC cda filter on it and some coilovers (of unknown brand)...
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Posted 12th January 2012 at 16:44 by Kenobi

Well the saxo got a service today. went well.

New spark plugs, oil filter, oil, fuel filter.
New brembos disks and ferodo pads aswell.

Calipers need refurbing though as bleed nipples all fooked.
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