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more blue please

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Posted 12th August 2011 at 04:11 by luke_vtr_gy

just seen a blue carpet out of a s2 l06 rallye for sale

i think would look rather swishhhhh in my sexo.

and i need to pull the carpet out to put wires in for my amp soo might as well fit a new one.

thinking of covering the roof liner in blue as well ,, but that wont be any time soon i think that will be a big job lol.

believe it or not blue isnt my fav color. red is ha ha, i just happened to buy a blue saxo and it went from there.

i did once own a diablo red lo6 which was a l.l and i sort of made it into a gti rep. well it had the wheel , spolier and rear bumper lol

il keep you posted on if i get it and the new bumper when it comes.

ooo yer my new bumper has the recess for a motor bike pate. so i dont know if i should flush my boot off and put a bike pate on the bumper or standard plates and fill the recess in the bumper mmm.

o yer next plan for this weekend i got some spray tint left from when i pimped my out l06 up. so im going to use it to black my fogs out.

and also thinking of painting the l6 v badge to match the wheels.

btw my i phone has died so can post pics at the mo people, but when my phone is fixed i will post losts of pics of what iv been upto.
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