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My Trip to New York!

Posted 25th October 2008 at 13:29 by Amiee

Well some of you know I went to new york back in September for a week!

Now I did the most stupidest thing in the world on the way home so unfortunatly I dont have many pics , only the few decent ones off my mates cam/phone that are of any use!

Basically I was worried my camera may get lost/stolen in my handluggage, so I took out the memory card and put it in my case for safe keeping..

Except somwhere between here and newyork I lost it, along with all my pics

Anyways our flight was at 7.45 in the morning, so we set off from heathrow,...
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Opps.. Did I make the wrong decision?

Posted 21st September 2008 at 00:33 by Amiee

Well past few weeks I have been feeling very unsettled with everything really..

Im not happy with the house any more, I love the house but other things are starting to get to me and Im just not forward enough to say how I feel to the house mate!

Im pretty fed up with her as a whole, and my advice would never buy a house with a mate.. especially a moody cow like her

Now with all this thinking and uneasiness she goes and asks if her bf can move in.. Tbh it would work out £100 quid cheaper a month, but is it really worth having to put up with him...
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The Westie From the Begining

Posted 5th June 2008 at 13:30 by Amiee
Updated 5th June 2008 at 13:33 by Amiee

Well as some of you know the Saxo will be going in the next couple of months so thought I would post her time with me on here (Not that alot has changed tbh). Originally I was after a Black Mk2 Furio but couldnt find one quick enough.

Sooo my Mum an Dad brought her back on May 28th 2006, From Durham somewhere as a late 17th Birthday Pressie.

It was around this time I joined Sax-P and everyone pointed me in the right direction!

The car itself was in great condition, 70k on the clock 2 months TAX and 2 months MOT. Didnt Pass my test untill 18th July...
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