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Here's the progress blog for our Citroen Saxo VTR. It's owned by my girlfriend Nic, so all mods etc are okayed by her and fitted (and mostly payed for) by me. feel free to leave any comments or ask any questions. Hopefully it'll be informative and interesting.

Cheers, Alan.
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Rolling roads and kwikfit garages!

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Posted 14th February 2010 at 18:03 by Alanapone

Right well, it's been an eventful week. Wednesday was my birthday, Didn't get much, but then, I didn't really want anything. The weekend before I had been down to my cousins to have the car MOT'd and the new stainless steel manifold fitted along with the supersprint race centre section so i was all good for car bits. The only things I wanted to get done before this weekend was get the front wheels balanced and tracked and extend the wires for the Lambda sensor so it will reach to the hole on the new mani.

So with that in mind and knowing that there were a few beers to be had this weekend for my birthday i sensibly booked off Friday. I got up at 0730 and drove off to Kwikfit in Altrincham to have the wheels done. When i got there there were a few people already waiting for stuff! The guy said it's no problem as they should be on mine pretty quick. An hour later he came over and told me that mine was next! Ten minutes after that he told me there was a problem with the centre less wheels adaptor, he showed me that someone had wedged a bolt into it and he couldn't remove the configuration and set it up for mine... WELL pissed off, I thanked him for wasting my time as he should have checked it before i'd sat there for an hour! He apologised and suggested I went to a garage down the road that he normally sends people to. I got the directions and headed off.
A few minutes later i walked into the office of Altrincham tyre and exhausts and informed the guy behind the desk that shitfit had sent me over as there hub adaptor was fucked and that i was told he could sort them for me. He looked blank for a minute then said "I don't know why they've sent you ere mate, we've never done centre less wheels... can't afford the bloody hub adaptor!" "bolocks" i replied! " another wasted journey". The guy then suggested that rather than waste more time driving around trying to find somewhere that can do them, I may be better taking them to a Citroen garage and have them do them as they can't charge any more than anywhere else for balancing wheels.
I was in such a mood when i left that i drove home and totally forgot to ring the Citroen garage down the road as i spent the rest of the day playing Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and then had to go into Manchester to sort some bank stuff out before going to my friends for a few beers.

The next day I rose bright and early again at 0730, got myself dressed and fed then hit the road over to AwesomeGTi in Irlam. I got there for 0850 and went and got signed in. Then went through to the waiting area and met up with everyone. I can't remember everyones names as i'm crap but Kev and sam were there, Sam i already know and kev, i'd spoke to a bit on here. I also met on the way in Rich84. spent most of the day chatting to him and stevevts, good bunch of lads altogether. I'm glad to have met you all.

Any ways, we were all told to take the cars around the back into the secure compound. when we got there one of the guys from AwesomeGTi met us and checked we'd all signed in and took our keys off us. he then took us through to the garage where the DynoJet machine is situated. Were were all asked if there were any special setups or requirements that the guys need to know before the cars are put on the rollers. No one had anything really weird so we were told that the cars would be brought through in groups so they don't have to keep changing the set-up...
Setvvts's was first on and after a bit of messing about and getting it setup he eventually got his run's and made okay power. He seemed to be a bit down about the power he got but I'm sure he'l get cracking on and end up with a beastie solid car.they then went though everyones cars, but they can all tell you about there experiences... You reading this to see what MINE did so on with it.

They brought her in and got her all set up and strapped down. I told the operator that the bonnet stay was in the pocket on the back of the drivers seat, he got it out and proped up the bonnet. He plugged in a few wires and connected something up to the battery and hopped in. They revved the car a bit and wound her upto fourth gently then raised the revs to about 2k then let the rev's die down untill they were near idle speed the BANG planted the throttle... the car just picked up as fast as some of the vts's that had been on and the roar from the exhaust was lovely to hear from the outside of the car for a change! I was absolutely shitting myself, I was shivvering frome the cold and trying to film it all on my new phone whilst watching the engine and fully expecting to see a big chunk of metal come flying out and hear the engine die but she didn't , She kept pusshing all the way to the redline... bapbap... the limiter kicked in and the operator dropped off the accelorator, he lets the revs come down on there own and while he does that the computer figures out the info it's pulled and throws up a graph for you to see what power the engine pushed out. I was very impressed as when the car was put on, everyone was asking what power iwas hoping for. "To be honest, I'd be happy to get it off still running" i replied "If it makes standard power i will actually be happy, anything more and i'll be over the moon". The results of the first run came back and bugger me... She'd not just made standard power, she made more... a healty 107.32hp at the fly and 94.58 at the wheels!!!!! I didn't have much time to think about that before the revs picked up again for run 2. I was a bit more relaxed now as i knew the engine must be able to cope with it. bapbapbap... limiter again, and the display came back with another good result, this time she'd made 109.92 at the fly and 99.95 at the wheels!!! Just .05 hp more and i'd be in triple figure i said... come on, make a hundred for me I shouted at the car! The revs shot up again, the limiter kicked in and the results came back for the third and final run... this was the one. I looked at the screen and saw the results come back on for the last time... 110.35 hp at the fly, 100.60 at the wheels and 113.73 ft-lbs of torque!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!

I was so happy she even got a hug to everyones amusement as she got handed back to me. The operator said "Good power that mate." I said that I was just happy to get her back in one piece! he said, that he thought the saxos were great little cars and the engines were fine for years and years. I told him that mine had just clicked over 121k... he looked shocked but said I told you, there great. he also said that the exhaust sounded like it had a slight blow form either the mani to engine joint or the mani to center section so that some more info i can look at. The rest of the day went realy well with everyone except Sam being happy with the results they got.
I'll cut this short now as i've waffled on for ages and i need to go and get some tea but again if anyone reads this, My thanks go out to RAF_Kev for organising the event and to everyone that turned up and made the day as fun and interesting as it was. Also I can and will HIGHLY recommend going to AwesomeGTi for any rr days or just for a look around. Theye were very proffesional and helpful and didn't even try to take the piss out of our little French boxes even though they're more interested in playing with bug German precision machines! lol
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