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04th January 2010

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Posted 4th January 2011 at 23:12 by nicolala

Okay so went out today in search for a new lense for my camera.

Town seemed pretty dead today, which was great because everyone was back to work so got some nice images of our town;


Lol people must have thought I was mad taking lots of random images!


The decorations in town are quite pretty so thought I'd take a few snaps :)

Finally we went outside to look for a beauty shop to get my eyebrows waxed..


& then we went back into the mall to the camera store, but on our way we saw this fat little pigeon.. :P
but.. for some reason he wasn't moving.. but was alive..
maybe he was poorly?


& I saw a LOVELY lense but was around £400 in the camera shop ..

But when I searched it on the internet only £80.. lol!

thought wowzers! shame I'm a little bit skint at the moment, so I decided to sell my Ipod touch on the internet and actually have posted it on here if any of you are interested!

Anyways, to brighten up our evening, my partners mum has decided to fill up our fridge!!



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