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Posted 11th September 2012 at 12:48 by stevie_m
Updated 4th November 2012 at 06:22 by stevie_m

I've been stuck out in Canada now for the best part of 7 months now and now have rough idea on what I want to do with this car.

First off the wheels are gettin changed from the C2 VTS to either Porsche Teledials or D90's. Everytime I look at Schmidt TH Lines or BBS RS I think about why not go for them but I feel those have been over done but they do look fantastic.

I really need to sort out the interior and a very good / imaculate set of 106 leathers, I understand that they are hard to find, I have a price in mind what I want to spend on them and refuse to pay over the odds for them.

I have an idea of what I want from the sounds department as well, I want to put in a double din unit (Alpine ICS X8) uprate the front speakers to 17cm components. I have always liked the door pod speakers that Predator had and I think I will prob copy the idea of sorts. I really want to make the rears bigger also hopefully they can squeeze 13cm comps into that cramped space.

I think I need to switch the colour also, I'm thinking either Porsche Slate Grey or Mauritius. Doesn't matter which of the two colours it ends up as I think I will be happy with either.

Now we come to the engine, this will take slightly longer to do than the others due to the fact that I'm gonna upgrade to a C2 VTS engine with 106/VTS head so I can add trumpets later on. I have spoke to Ricky P, but I would like to talk to Sandy Brown and see what magic he could do. What I do know is that I will not need the trumpets straight away but as long as it has fast road cams I could make do for at least a year.

Idea's and Costs

Wheel s... £400 (spacers are £300 ontop of the wheel cost)
Sound upgrade ... £1000
Paint ... £1000
Engine ... £1500 > £2000

These are more than likely to happen over the space of next year, unless I save more than I have projected then I will just go for a Golf R32.
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