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Posted 4th November 2012 at 04:30 by stevie_m
Updated 8th September 2013 at 00:50 by stevie_m

I was back in the UK in October to see my little Saxo in a sorry state, front tyre has a slow puncture and the battery has went flat. Paint was looking a little dull too.

I know I have some minor electric problems which I think are due to fuses blowing, if not a couple of sensors are well and truely goosed. Hand Brake sensor isn't working, Door sensor on the driver side hasn't worked since November.

Right back to business...

Recently bought the 106 Leathers which I'm more than happy about and will fit them when I get home in December, going to sort out the larger speakers inserts for the door cards (prob going to be wrapped with similar colour of alcantara) also while I have some free time. Hopefully before I get home I will see some Black ABC and Jesus Handles up for sale before I step onto the plane in Edmonton. I will more than likely have to either give my carpet a complete overhaul or just buy a cleaner one.

While I have the carpet up I might start laying cables for the amp which I will buy next year and lay some sound deadening (should really do the doors when I'm taking the cards off them).

Depending on the price and delivery I might buy some GAZ Coilovers or a new axle from IM Axles. At this moment in time I would rather get the running gear sorted rather than push it into a respray or engine work.


Shopping List
.Black ABC Pillars
.Jesus Grab Handles
.GAZ Coilovers or an IM Axle
.Powerflex Bushes
.Constella Linkages


Future Shopping List 2013
.New Alpine Head Unit
.Focal 6.5" Comps
.Focal 4" Comps
.Focal 8" Sub
.Alpine Amp

Small question if anyone is reading this ... Have you or someone that you know ever used Dr Leather on leathers ?


Recently decided as of maybe in the last 30mins that the paint scheme might need a rethink. I'm now going to get some test panels done in China Blue, Mauritius Blue or another colour that I really like but won't say until I've seen it in the flesh.
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