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Posted 11th May 2008 at 22:38 by Andy72
Updated 12th May 2008 at 09:29 by Andy72

Been taking the weight losing a bit further ( i need all the help i can get as too many big macs have played their part on my 18stone fat ass).

The VTR door cards were fouling the side of my race seat so have fitted 90% of a 106 Rallye interior (i need the interior trim to comply with the road class regs). The smaller doorcards mean theres plenty of room between my seat and the door now. (its also quite a nice trim colour, black with red flecks). Just need either a 106 S1 rallye passneger seat or a black bucket to finish it off.

There no carpet fitted and the result is qute afew cables laid across the floor. I need to either tidy these up or hide them all away in a plastic wire tube.

Ive replaced the 3" supersprint Magnum back box with a supersprint race back box fitted to my existing superspint centre section. Sounds a bit raspier but most of all i wont get the piss ripped out of me by the caterham boys for having a chavtastic pipe.

the 4 Branch has been fitted which made a massive difference. It really does pull now. really impressed by this mod. Ive also had my left bollock removed by Mr clutch for fitting a clutch and got stung by their "this is broke, you need this, and this , and this" tactics.

The biggest difference is probably the 106 rallye wheels which aparantly are 5kg per wheel lighter than a vtr wheel, which saves 20kg!!! I forgot to take my tapered bolts when getting the tyres swapped over so they just used my flat vtr ones. Big mistake!!!. even though i told them of my error and asked that they were up tight, they still managed to rip the threads of the 1st few mm of the bolt holes and leave the nuts tight but not tight against the wheels meaning the wheels flapped about at anything over 10mph. A call to my unhappy wife to drive 10 miles to bring my tapered bolts while i sat at the side of a busy road left me not best pleased. Ive manged to rescue all but one bolt hole which has the bolt just spinning in its hole. It needs pulling out and the hole retapping. (something i'll get Manic Motors to do for me)

Im not convinced over the looks but as with any track car, its all about performance rather than looks

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