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MOT devistation

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Posted 12th August 2010 at 09:36 by leeroy1

Since i happily passed through my MOT i think that my car's been cursed by the in-house witchdoctor at the garage. My advisories were as expected[LIST][*]nearside wishbone[*]nearside breakpad wearing[*]farside breakpad wearing[*]corosion in exhaust [/LIST]all the usual.Now though seems to be where the cr decides to fall apart on me. I've had my fair share of car repairs over the years.
My clio:[LIST=1][*]hole in exhaust maifold(covered with rubber and clips)[/LIST]My corsa:[LIST=1][*]full set of breaks, disks and pads[*]both front shock absorbers[*]replaced rear axel[*]new clutch[*]new oil pressure switch[*]skimmed head gasket[*]new oil filter[*]air filter[*]new gearbox[/LIST]Allthis in a month and when i part ex it with all the work done the oil light still on and 600 pound more repairs for the garage.
saxo VTR:[LIST=1][*]new axle[/LIST]had the car since last october and i love it.Penty more in the waiting but i think it's worth the pocket pain. Holds off the tunuing for a little while tho lol.
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