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VTR Turbo

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Posted 25th May 2011 at 11:38 by Richarddowman

I bought my saxo vtr a year ago with a standard engine and with the body mods already done.

Since then i decided it was too slow for me and had a fair bit of spare cash to play with so started investigating bolt-turbos. This was not going to be cheap or easy to do but i decided to do it anyway for a project and slapped down £2400 for a brand new turbo kit from cituning then a bit more for the high lift cam.

We got the kit on only to find it was quite dissappointing as the car wasnt getting enough fuel which was resulting in some massive lag. Oh well! course of action?.... Stage 2!

Another £1200 later and I had received the 5th injector kit, front mount intercooler and uprated actuator. We got it on and fuck me! What a difference! And the wastegate chatter was something else!

Boost was up to 10psi and the lag had pretty much been eliminated once the fuelling had been set up. It was a nuts little car that pissed on sti scoobies on accelleration! focus st's etc didnt even stand a chance! Knew the head wouldn't stand up to this boost for long though so more mods needed!

I was having a lot of fun in her until inevitably the clutch and head gasket went in turn. Got a 250bhp high torque clutch on so no slip, modified the head and fitted a multi-layer head gasket. 2nd driveshaft in a year though but at 75 quid a pop i cant complain.

All that is left to do is a big brake conversion really and if i had another few grand, possibly stage 3!

All-in-all probably spent about 7k on parts and labour but i dont regret it at all as she is a little beast. Unfortunately I've had to stick her on ebay as im moving to south africa next month!
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