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My one and only saxo so far - have replaced pretty much everything on it at one point during ownership!! Still feels tight to drive and is always enjoyable !
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A bit more of a 'TRACK' focus.........

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Posted 1st February 2010 at 16:17 by raunchz
Updated 17th February 2010 at 12:29 by raunchz

Having had some time on the track at Trax - I began to want to up the cars spec a little to make it a bit more track focused.

I initially stripped the rear of the car out, nothing to hardcore at this stage though. I wanted to get a good bucket seat and harness, and a new steering wheel. Trying to hold onto the steering wheel while the Westie seat chucked me about on the track was hard work !!!

Eventually I'd need a cage to make things a bit safer, and I want to remove the sunroof and fit a non-sunroof skin from Citroen.

I bought some 21mm rear PSF torsion bars in anticipation to put the front spring rate to make a nicely balanced car that handled great on the road and on the track.

I also bought an S1 gearbox with the aim of helping the car stay higher in the revs and make it feel a bit more 'nippy'.

I tried to fit the S1 gearbox, but it wouldn't select 5th gear. It was a pain as I had to take it back off again, and put the S2 back on with new fluid.

I decided to pull the S1 gearbox apart to find out why and upon taking the end cover off, the reason was very apparent !!

So I was planning on rebuilding it with a nice Quaife diff in it, uprated input shaft bearing, and any synchro's that needed changing.

Got a quick picture of the car as it stood then
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