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S off the road for a bit now.

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Posted 27th June 2012 at 10:43 by NismoSteve

Well, got back with the Mrs. The S is off the road for a bit now as I'm running another daily.

While its off the road I've. So far binned off all the ABS and replaced the ABS master cylinder with a 23mm 406 non ABS jobbie.
My braided hoses have arrived along with my monster front discs and pads 283 x 26mm
My 406 calipers are no good as the carrier won't fit
So I'm just waiting on some 307 xsi calipers and carriers arriving.
Total cost of the front brake set up is likely to be around the £130 all in so I'm still happy

Now as I'm garageless and although I have the use of next doors garage / pit, its always nice to have your own. So I've set about building mine now.
Although I havnt thought this through properly as I've started digging out the footings with my car on the wrong side of the nice deep trench lol!
It was easy to dig and I just got carried away.

I've still got room to move the car to the other side of the garden so its not so bad lol!

I've given myself 2 months to get the base sorted and steel uprights concreted in, then the rest will just be a timber frame bolted to these.
I'm incorporating my new shed inside the garage to act as a "component" spray booth. But that may change yet lol!
I need to get myself a decent compressor etc then too.
Full steam ahead, just a shame I only have weekends to do it as I work away through the week
Now where's my spade.......
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