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August 25th did some work on the S

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Posted 28th August 2012 at 06:42 by NismoSteve

Well its been a bit since I anything last happened, the car has been stuck on the front waiting for the garage to get built.
Its still waiting tohave the concrete poured for the base do it will be longer yet

So this weekend I decided I was gonna get the brake pipes all sorted and free off the seized brake compensator.

Didn't get as far as that as I thought I'll just whip the exhaust and rear silencer heat shield off, then a bit of wire wheel and drill action. Which led to the removal of the rear wheel arch liner (small one at the back) where upon I found some rust

Not to bad I thought, not the boot floor, I'll just clean it up and weld a small plate on there.

The rusty bit got a bit bigger, I followed it forward all the way along the edge, then as I scrubbed off the factory sealant, paint bubbles burst letting rusty coloured water run out to reveal wafer thin metal.
A big section of inner rear wheel arch was fudged. The outer two layers had gone, the boot floor is all okay.
I could have bodged it by just welding a plate over the top, but what's the point. I figured if I sort it properly now it will last a good few years.

I've cut all the bad shit out before the rain came and stopped play.
I should imagine the other side to be similar but hopefully better being the side that doesn't spend much time near the gutter.
I'm going to pull the side skirt off next weekend and see what the sills like on the near side, as there was a little bit of rust under the sealant there too. Looks like I'll be stripping the interior to have a good look in there.

I've also (while it rained) been cleaning up the 307 calipers and carriers ready to fit when the weldings done.

When its ready to be welded I'll drop the rear beam off and clean all that up too and try and free off the torsion bars at the same time.
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