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things have developed......

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Posted 2nd October 2012 at 11:34 by NismoSteve

Well since running the GTi for a bit I had a look round for someone localish to get a heater box and matrix from, as doing a 50 mile commute to work (only once a week though) is no fun when its freezing and there is no heater!

I found a lad who was breaking a quickie, so went to help him take the heater box out. After half hour or so it looked like it was gonna be a ball ache, having to remove the dash, wiper motor and all that.

In the mean time I had a look round the shell, hmm I was thinking.
It is an 02 plate, and was being broken as the lad hadn't got round to sorting out a VIC check which it needed before a V5 would be handed out by VOSA, it had been accident damaged for a very minor bump at the front which had since been repaired (just a headlight and a wing)
The lad had bought it the previous year and it had just sat in his garage since.

Its EYCC the same silver as my saxo. So a deal was struck and it will arriving at my house in a fortnights time, ready to be stripped and cleaned up.
I'm going to address all the areas that went on mine before any rust can take hold.
I'll be cleaning the engine bay and painting it the white I want to do the whole car in

So my main plan has not changed, just the car lol!
I do prefer the look of the 106 anyway
Since then I've stripped my poor vts to a naked shell (got the heater box out lol) and put everything up for sale, but then I figured I'd just use all the vts stuff in the quickie and still be able to run the gti till the tax runs out, or probably r tax it for another six months while I get the quickie painted and built up lol!
Now the shit weather is approaching fast I must get my arse in gear getting this garage built!
Tick tock.
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    stevie_m's Avatar
    Getting a garage built ?

    Now I'd like to see pictures of that also
    Posted 5th October 2012 at 10:05 by stevie_m stevie_m is offline

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