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further developments.

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Posted 31st January 2013 at 09:10 by NismoSteve

There was no way I could get the 02 plate through a Vic check with so much of it missing, so that idea was shelved, I've also moved house and been left with no place to work on the car.

But on the plus side, I'm now good buddies with the lad who had the quickie and I've been heling him with his car over the last few weeks, in return for some garage space

So in the weeks that have passed, I've moved, scrapped the saxo shell, binned off the 02 shell and retaxed the gti for another 6 months.

The gti developed a bit of a rattle from the rear, which during the shit weather I left to develop a bit more. Which resulted in crap handling and a serious rattle.
On investigation it transpired the the roll bar end plate bolts had come loose and gone walkies, along with the passenger side end plate, which left the roll bar flapping about (almost hitting the tyre!)

Lucky I had a spare axle to Rob a plate from, but there is play in the gti axle. But that is getting binned when its out of test anyway.

Now, the exciting news is I've picked up another GTI, in silver that was being broken. It was minus all of its running gear and interior, but is very good chassis wise.
The engine bay is good but not perfect and needs the passenger side front welding up, but I'm going to replace the whole inner wing section.
Its not staying silver and I'm still fighting over cherry red or off white???

I've got shit loads of bills to pay (moving house is not cheap) and just forked out for new carpets for the house, but in a couple more weeks I should be sqaure with stuff and have a good weekly budget to put into the car

First thing is to get the engine bay completely stripped, paint and rust wise and start again with a clean sheet.
Expect pics on the progress thread soon.
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