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The new blog

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Posted 16th January 2012 at 11:01 by NismoSteve

This is not so much a blog, but more of a record of progress made to the vts, a more in depth version if you will.
I'm not making it for all to read as such, but so I know where I'm up to on the project.

W197 BNW citroen saxo vts
110320 miles, quartz silver (EYCC)

I've owned this car since boxing day 2011, but as it was sorned I waited until the first week of Jan before taxing it. Its a local car that was advertised on here for £600 it had 5 months mot left and came with some goodies.
A BMC cda filter on it and some coilovers (of unknown brand) bilstein B4 rear dampers and a supersprint de cat / centre section only the filter was fitted.

The first thing I noticed when driving it was the horrendous knocking that was coming from the front suspension, the rear brakes were really tight and there was a nice aroma of oil cooking on a hot exhaust. It needed work (a lot!) but it was the ideal restoration project I'd been looking for.

The first thing to do was ton find the source of the oil leak, which looked like the cam cover and or cam ladders. I resealed the covers first and that seems to have done the trick.
The rest of the car is pretty poor and needs work, the front suspension is well worn, I have stripped and cleaned up the coilovers that were in the boot which don't appear to be very old and the dampers are very good, so they will be going on soon. The wishbones have a little movement in them but I plan to poly bush the whole front end.

The brakes feel okay, bar the rears which are binding.
Steerings all good, quiet and without leaks.
Rear beam seems good (although I've not had a proper poke around that yet) and isn't knocking or showing excessive camber.

The interior is good, and the electrics all work.
The ABS light is on as is the air bag light.

The standard wheels are not bad, but could do with a refurb and all tyres including the spare are very good (though only budget brands)

Now the bodywork is quite ropey, the tailgate needs work (dents)
Front bumper needs paint
Sideskirts have lifted away / broken clips
The drivers door panel needs clips
Passenger door is a different shade to the rest.
The bonnet has scratches
The drivers door has had glue run down it where someone has tried to glue a piece of broken door mirror plastic back on.
And there are what looks like scour pad marks all over the body.
Even the roof needs work.

The engine and gearbox seem good despite the miles with no smoke, rattles or knocking. Though the clutch cable is in need of adjustment / replacement.

And that's pretty much an overview of my running project. The next blog will be my plans and aspirations for the car.
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    I will be editing the blog and adding lots of pics soon.
    Posted 17th January 2012 at 10:23 by NismoSteve NismoSteve is offline

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