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The story so far

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Posted 30th April 2008 at 13:31 by Nij
Updated 19th June 2008 at 09:18 by Nij (Updating mods list)

Mods so far;
Clifford G4 alarm
Kenwood MP3 CD headunit
Single wiper conversion
Smoked rear jewel lights
De-wipered boot
Lowered (60 Front 90 Rear)
Twin headlights
Smoked front indicators
Smoked side repeaters
Sun strip
Rear badges
Side door badges
Bonnet Raisers

I have had 'Christine' for 2 weeks now, and so far all she has had is a wash, head unit and the SaxP stickers.
I have always been a fan of french hot hatches (205 gti's were a speciality for a lot of years), so a Saxo seamed to be the most obvious progression.

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  1. Old Comment
    Nij's Avatar
    I have had a new idea for my badges on the rear - cant wait to see what you guys think of them
    Posted 29th May 2008 at 17:48 by Nij Nij is offline
    Updated 29th May 2008 at 21:46 by Nij
  2. Old Comment
    Nij's Avatar
    Ok, update with pics

    Is it low enough?

    Also I had a play with my rear badges, not 100% sure if i like them or not (but i do have other plans for them!!!)

    The pics dont really do it justice, but you can see where it is going.

    So to update the mods - exhaust, spoiler, lowering, badges, tints and the high level brake light (cheers mate).

    I had a lot of good responce from the meet today - so i must be doing something right.
    Posted 2nd June 2008 at 00:02 by Nij Nij is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Nij's Avatar
    A pic from Olivers mount (1/6/08)

    Posted 3rd June 2008 at 21:52 by Nij Nij is offline
  4. Old Comment
    Nij's Avatar
    Well i finally got round to fitting the morrettes and smoking my indicators and side repeaters.
    The spot lamps were a nightmare to get to work (the connectors are really crappy) but finally got them on!!

    The lights in action;
    Posted 4th June 2008 at 15:58 by Nij Nij is offline
    Updated 4th June 2008 at 23:23 by Nij
  5. Old Comment
    Nij's Avatar
    Next - bonnet raisers

    I wasnt too sure about them - but they have grown on me over the last few months
    Posted 19th June 2008 at 09:18 by Nij Nij is offline

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