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Shit day!

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Posted 5th September 2008 at 15:39 by Crooksey

Bit of a shit morning...

First of went to take the wheels of the car, passenger side came off fine, no problems at all.

Went to remove drivers side and the ordinary bolts were to sight that the wheel was spinning (whilst the car was on the ground), when i was undoing the bolts, im guessing the bolts were around 200nm tight. So loosened all of those, then went to remove the locking wheel bolt, it was so tight the locking wheel nut removal socket snapped. So i have to go to peugeot tomorrow and try and get a new removal tool.

So my next job was the rocker cover seal, replacing it, when I was removing it I noticed how lose one of the bolts was, thought nothing of it and removed the rocker cover.

Then took the oil breather plate out from the rocker cover, and noticed 1 spacer and 1 random washer and nut, this was a little confusing because there should just be two plastic spacers, due to the fact that the head gasket was replaced via a mobile mechanic, I figured he had just lost one of the spacers and used this nut as a substitute spacer, when I went to secure the rocker cover after replacing the seal one of the bolts went in fine (the one that goes into the standard spacer), the one that was going through the substitute spacer was just spinning, I for some reason thought this would be because the substitute spacer was spinning against the rocker cover. So went down the scrapyard to get a new spacer, scrapyard was shut, brilliant.

So i get back home and see if I have a spacer lying around anywhere, I don't, had another look at the cylinder head bolt and noticed that the fucker was sheared! Thought it seemed a bit loose!

So tomorrow going get new bolts, spacers and locking wheel nuts from peugeot, what a day!
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