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Christmas Day/ Boxing Day...

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Posted 27th December 2010 at 23:16 by nicolala

Okay so Christmas really didn't go according to plan this year..
Santa was a wee bit tight this year and didn't buy myself or my sister anything...
So we tried to make it as special as possible and buy each other something nice..

I felt pretty poorly to be fair!
Got up at 6am and opened my sister's presents that she'd got me!
A makeup contouring set and some little girly lipglosses! [I](That girl knows me far too well!)[/I]

Anyways, the day went on and I found myself becoming incredibly weak..
Unable to eat...
& well god damn unwell if I'm honest?!

I went to sleep that night and the next thing I knew I found myself unable to move the next morning...
Breathing difficulties..
And somewhat unaware of the situation..

Called the hospital and they advised to travel down to the hospital and the fresh air would make me feel better?
(If only I could move I thought?!" Bastards..

So the partner got me down there... and within a minute or two after being in the doctors waiting room I was spark out asleep on the chair...
Doctor examined me and told my partner I had a severe chest infection and began to write the prescription..

After that I attempted to stand and BOOM collapsed... Doctor snatched the prescription from my partner's hand and next thing I knew some man was running at me with a wheel chair..

So there I was? Admitted into hospital...


I began to cry, as I really didn't want to be there...
So after about 8 hours of being in hospital without a drink of water I began to feel even worse... But carried on begging to be released...

6 bottles of blood later I was told my cholestrol is quite high.. & that I have Bronchitis and Exacibations...

By this point I was gonna discharge myself, but the consultant said that he would release me on one term...

That I'd promise to come back if things persisted..

So as you can probably tell I'm feeling pretty darn lousy..
Weak and well...

Pretty peeved.

I felt I lost all dignity in that place... Being toileted by my own partner... I'll only go back if I really have to.

So anyways, enough about that...

Christmas? Well I got the odd present here and there..
But one that really standed out was...

The Links Of London Limited Edition Olympic 2012.. Sweetie Charm bracelet from my partner..
I think I can happily say it's my [B][U]favourite[/U][/B] this year...

Also a nice idea was;

Considering I'm so fond of cooking..!

& well the worst?

I'll let the picture do the talking!!


[COLOR="Red"][SIZE="5"]Merry [B][U]BELATED[/U][/B] Christmas guys! Hope you've all had a better one than me! :)[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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