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25th Jan, work related

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Posted 25th January 2012 at 20:30 by NismoSteve

On Monday had to do a "Safe and fuel efficient driving" course for work. Now the fun of driving lorries is being taken away from me too

The company spends £8m a year on fuel for our site and they have decided that if each driver can save 5 percent on fuel a year they'd save £400,000 a year.

I was actually surprised at how much fuel I waste. I was averaging 5.5mpg on a set route, and after the training I was getting 8.9mpg. On a truck 9mpg is really good considering the 40 tonne fully loaded weight. The trick is to drive sloooooow
Keep the revs under 1500rpm and keep rolling, which means crawling up to red lights and round abouts pissing other drivers off.

But if I get to keep my job I guess I'll have to do it. They're watching all the time now too, they can see where I am, how fast, how hard I brake and even have forward facing cameras in the new trucks from march!

I've been keeping an eye on the mpg and today I stormed it with 12.48mpg the problem is I've started driving the car like this, I've almost doubled my fuel economy, but I look a twat

Oh well, when the cars running well I'll feel happier about givin it a spanking down my favourite B roads.
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