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    adnandunn's Avatar

    Smiith's Mk1 VTR Thread

    looking nice, you should smoke your fog lights and spray your ecu cover and roker cover just a suggestion
    Posted 29th April 2008 at 00:54 by adnandunn adnandunn is offline
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    shooorn94's Avatar

    Smiith's Mk1 VTR Thread

    I love the two exhausts on your sax, Something different, as is the bonnet raisers-not to my taste though as I always thought they looked like some fat bloke sat on the front of your car causing it to raise lol.

    Smoked headlights is a must, I'm the opposite of you, I have the smoked headlights waiting for the indicators to arrive 2 days left though
    Posted 26th March 2008 at 02:17 by shooorn94 shooorn94 is offline

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