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I intend to use my blog to keep you informed of things happening with my car(s) and anything in life I find interesting, unusual or worthy of sharing! Please check back regularly to see what's been happening in the world of Simo
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Saxo Takes 2nd Place to House...

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Posted 12th March 2010 at 19:04 by Simo

June 2007... Quick Run on the Rollers!

Myself and Suie moved into our new house in August 2006 and since then, other than attending TRAX, my car has pretty much just been parked at the side of the house, whilst we've been focusing on decorating the house and buying/building furniture, etc. Fortunately my car is parked beneath a car-port, so its semi-protected from the weather.

A North West regional meet had been arranged at Mikeanics - Congleton. As my Saxo hadn't been out in a while I decided to head to the meet to give the car a run and also meet some of the northwest peeps. There was quite a good turn out, with a nice range of cars taking their turn on the rolling road.

I'd noticed that the rolling road seemed to be quite deep-set in the garage and I wasn't sure if my car with its low bumper and intercooler would have enough clearance? A quick measure up confirmed that there was no way my car would be able to sit on the rollers without snapping something

Not wanting to back out at this late stage myself and Graeme began to battle with my front bumper, as removing it would give me an extra inch or so of clearance. It might 'just' fit :eek:

After swearing quite a bit at seized nuts and bolts, the bumper was finally removed. I VERY slowly nursed my car into position on the rolling road. The intercooler ended up resting on the floor! Far from ideal...

A quick run up on the rollers showed a figure of 160bhp @ wheels. A bit lower than had previously been measured (190bhp @ wheels), but not to worry. This wasn't a serious power run. I was more upset with the prospect of having to re-fit my bumper whilst everyone dispersed to head home. Gutted

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