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MrRem | Ultimate Test

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Posted 29th September 2008 at 15:30 by djrem

[CENTER][SIZE="6"]MrRem | Ultimate Test[/SIZE]

The photo above is from Valentines 2008.
This was anotehr night where i got very drunk. Just because.

Back to now though.
I've spent the weekend with a pal for their 21st.

That included my team of Tom and Lee.
21st Birthday + The Lads = Mess.

Not this time. Over the whole weekend, Tom got paraletic and Lee got drunk enough to moan about curry.

Rem? Facebook pictures have me with a bottle of water in hand sipping away raving to Dave Pearce after his last Dance Anthems Radio 1 show at Sheffield Uni Union.

Unfortunately pressed for time, we couldnt stop off to see JamieK.

But the weekend as a whole was a right giggle and my lack of alcohol is resulting in a fresher Rem. I like :p
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