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MrRem | Saw V & No Drink

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Posted 28th October 2008 at 12:49 by djrem

The other night, I went to the cinema.
My sister is back from uni for the weekend and my pal Tom has his lady friend visiting for the weekend. So we decided to go see this new Saw film.

Its up to standard with the gore factors but the story is starting to get patchy. I wont reveal any spoilers but please do send me postcards with answers on teh back of "Whats in the box" Wink

[B]The Drinking Ban[/B]
This is now week 6 of not drinking. I tried getting drunk 2 weeks ago to celebrate the month ban. Well more to try and establish it all again but it didnt work.

Supposidly theres a backup plan regarding the whole reason ive bothered to do this but i cant crack codes so what the hell it is or when, i dont know.
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