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over the weekend. Mrs car.

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Posted 6th February 2012 at 04:02 by NismoSteve

Friday night the Mrs found another 206 she liked the look of, the seller was asking £350 for it, diablo red four door 02 plate 1.1 lx.

As her current 206 (a 98 S) is well and truly shafted (rear beam) she decided that this red one would be a good bet, it was close by so we took a look.

The guy was honest enough, telling us what the running fault was (advertised as running on 3 cylinders) he thought it was the coilpack. There was no tax or test and it had done 110k.
I was thinking 350 was too much and the more I looked round the less I was prepared to give.

It looked like it had been bumped at the front, both headlamps flopping about, grille loose and broken, bonnet damaged, rear wiper arm broken.
After some tag team negotiation we got him down to £150 and we took it home.

It drove well considering it was only using 3 cylinders lol! But it had luxuries that her old one didn't have!

Air con, power steering, abs, lecky windows and mirrors, remote central locking all of which the old one didn't have! And it all works too!

So with it in the garage I found that number 4 injector was goosed, then came an "A team" style mission, swapping an injector from her old 206.
Now it purred like a kitten on all four pots again!

Same story with the headlights, swapped everything over from the old one. All headlight lugs were broken. With that all sorted and grille mountings swapped it was time to swap the rear silencer, as that was only a couple of months ol.
Job was a good un

I had to fit two new roll bar drop links for the mot as well as free off the brake compensating valve, but other than that it sailed straight through its test! Taxed after the test the Mrs has a much better, newer 206 that I know is now a good one for for less than £350.
I'll get another bonnet for it at some point to finish it off but There's no rush over winter, she is moaning that it uses more petrol that her last one, but I tried to explain that the new one is some 200kg heavier than the old one due to the extra toys and doors over the old one which ironically weighed less than my VTS! At 860kg.
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