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Here's the progress blog for our Citroen Saxo VTR. It's owned by my girlfriend Nic, so all mods etc are okayed by her and fitted (and mostly payed for) by me. feel free to leave any comments or ask any questions. Hopefully it'll be informative and interesting.

Cheers, Alan.
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SAx-p goodies

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Posted 18th April 2009 at 17:03 by Alanapone

The postman dropped off a nice big envelope stuffed full of goodies today. As i had signed up for the premium account, i was sent some stickers a membership card and an ad loop to put on my key... Seeing as it's a nice day for a change i thought i'd give the car a quick rinse off, chamoix it down and put the stickers on... well I've just finished washing the car and have realised that i hae to be over at my cousins in an hour for her 30th... I might be a bit late cos I really want to get the stickers on now, think i'll grab a quick shower and a shave, get ready to go then, put the stickers on while I wait for the missus to get ready! Will put some pics on when i've done them.
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  1. Old Comment
    Simo's Avatar
    Glad to hear you recieved your goodies without any problems...

    So, are you an adloop swinger or chewer? Or something different lol?
    Posted 6th May 2009 at 23:10 by Simo Simo is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Alanapone's Avatar
    hmm.... i think i'm deffo a swinger! I worry that i'll swallow stuff if i chew it so i don't put many things in my mouth :o
    Thanks for getting the stuff out to me quick... I'll get the window stickers put on soon.
    Posted 10th May 2009 at 18:31 by Alanapone Alanapone is offline
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