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P_Connor 13th June 2013 18:42


Originally Posted by Monkgti (Post 6327100)
sure mabey hes already rubbed it of his mammys, i thought i got a whiff of fish when i opened the envelope ;)

Well we can ask him. GolfJay, did you rub the gearbox that wasn't yours in first place, over your dead mum's fishy privates? You need to be careful with what you say mate. Calmer approach gets better results.

Monkgti 14th June 2013 01:42

eh, how would i be meaning that about him, did you even read the comments? BAB sent the picture not golfjay :err:

GolfJay 14th June 2013 11:41


Originally Posted by Monkgti (Post 6327545)
eh, how would i be meaning that about him, did you even read the comments? BAB sent the picture not golfjay :err:

How do you know that? ;)

Monkgti 14th June 2013 18:18

well if thats what your into :)

Monkgti 22nd October 2013 10:49

just a quick update on this for anyone thinking of buying from this fella, it seems hes conned people all over the place, heres just one link people so be warned... theres also other posts on different sites about him but you get the idea from this one what he is!-Conman?

jones91 23rd October 2013 11:57

Looking at that link it looks like he's already been on here in the past under a different username


Monkgti 24th October 2013 10:26

And i wouldnt be surprised if hes here again under a different username!!
Well he got a nice little parcell back from me anyway! He sent me a piece of shit box, so i sent him a piece of shit literally, courtesy of my pet Rottweiler :)

Little prick, someone needs to pay the cunt a visit, and with the amount of people hes ripped of id say there would be no problem forming a small army :D

Manu 11th November 2013 10:19

With that amount of people, did anyone think of contacting the po-po at all?

Monkgti 13th November 2013 22:24

I dont know about anyone else he scammed but i would of had no use as im in Ireland!

Monkgti 27th March 2015 17:12

Oh look, mabey this is where he got his thieving ways from :D Like mother like son!!!

And just so people know this is actually his mother here is the full pic from the article with the scammer Ben on the right ;)

Giraffe 7th April 2015 11:06

You obsessed with him or something?

Monkgti 5th June 2015 16:35

of course :oops: jelous??

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