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GolfJay 27th September 2013 11:17

Anyone picked this up yet? Pro Clubs is created although I didn't go with the Saxp name this year.

Anyone interested, search for Chocy Teapots


Brettles1986 27th September 2013 11:41

Might have to put it on my xmas list, in no rush to get it yet and I will catch up with you on clubs at some point soon.

CC06NBA 27th September 2013 11:46

went to the midnight launch and got myself one. does feel a bit different tbh, haven't played that much of it yet though.

stevie_m 27th September 2013 11:47

Gonna see if the PAL version works on my Xbox before I make a decision

Picking up a copy later for my so today before I know what the script is for me.

smiith 30th September 2013 17:54

Had a play with my mate today, just a few friendlies at his.. Seems okay, although the time it takes between pressing shoot, and it happening, leaves a fair bit of time for a defender to take the ball off you!

Will leave it another month until my birthday, or maybe christmas.. I only play FUT anyway, so players will be cheaper, and the auction house packed with bargains by then, to build a decent team!

stevie_m 30th September 2013 19:10

Got it Friday and works on both xbox in the house (pal and NTSC) depending on the times you guys play I might be able to have a game with you

smiith 6th October 2013 11:13

Got round to buying it yesterday.. Its alright.. Needs an update or two.. You can be side by side with someone trying to tackle them, and just not even get near the ball.. And when you try to sprint with the ball, it kicks it about 10 paces in front of you, so you have no control to slow down and turn when a defender is coming in from the side!

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