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Slevan_7 29th August 2020 22:46

New 1.6 16v engines in a vts advice
I'm sure this has been asked before but I thought I would check.

I'm currently building a track car I'm hoping on running in tin tops next year, my question is I have the original vts engine in my car at the moment but I have two of the later one's fitted to the c2's and so on, am I right in thinking as just a block and head I can use them as spares?

There actually from c4's I used to part cars out and I've kept them for this reason.

kieranLaud 2nd September 2020 20:14

aslong as everything off your vts bolts on to it i dont see the difference the only thing i can say the valves are alot stronger in the saxo vts/vtr engine as if you cam a any of the new engines they say use the valves out of the saxo engine

Dom 3rd September 2020 23:47

The JP4 from a C2 has a different oil breather port in the head but that can be adapted during the swap over I believe.

sri_130 4th September 2020 08:03

JP4 has a few differences. Can't remember them all.
Inlet manifold won't fit on the plastic J4 one. Will need head tapping (if using jp4 head).
Tensioners are different also and well as the belt cover. Depends on if you run the JP4 head. Cams are different (milder) so wouldn't advise that if racing.
There's a guide on here somewhere.

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