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saxo02 10th January 2019 22:04

Exhaust gasket help please.
Hi there guys I have a sportex backbox on my vtr along with a sportex center pipe.

What gasket do I need between the 2? As mine has totally gone.

Mine is blowing bad and is doing my nut in.

It has a v bracket I think. Thanks guys.

saxo02 10th January 2019 22:38

Its this style. Thanks. Also it has the same end on the center pipe.

MartinObviously 10th January 2019 23:20

There is no gasket on an olive style joint. All you can try is a new clamp and some exhaust paste. you have to get the clamp sitting just right for it to hold the 2 parts together properly, and don't overtighten it :)

your centre pipe is actually a slip joint with an olive, just re-assemble it with exhaust paste.

saxo02 11th January 2019 12:13

Ah OK thats great thanks for that.

MartinObviously 12th January 2019 14:09

Actually, when I said don't overtighten, once you initially tighten it and it seals give it a good tighten! lol

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